The Project Isobel

The project started in spring 2017 and ends 2019. The goal is to develop management recommendations for bedload management, which can be applied throughout Europe.

The EU-funded project ISOBEL (Integrated SOlutions for BEd Load management) is testing a new approach for the renaturation of free-flowing stretches below dams. The study…
Bedload Management?
Bedload is the term used to describe solids such as stones that every river carries. If the bedload regime is impaired, for example by barrages,…
Different Methods Under Investigation
At the four Iller barrages Altusried, Fluhmühle, Legau and Maria Steinbach, the project partners are testing different methods over a length of 200 meters each:
Technical Challenges
As part of the so-called Iller Strategy 2020, numerous ecological measures have already been implemented on the upper Iller between Altusried and Lautrach in recent…
Find out more about the implementation at our project sites: measures, stability, ecology.
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